IT Resource Checker
Can your network configuration and clients work with eSP Business Suite? Use the handy tools below to perform quick diagnostic tests. In some cases, such as with ActiveReports, you will be required to install the ActiveX viewer control; in other tests, you will be able to test whether permissions or other settings are suitable to use eSP Business Suite without a hitch.

Note: This page needs Internet Explorer 6.0 and JavaScript Enabled to function properly.

Microsoft Windows XP
Internet Explorer 6.0 or Greater
Ability to Accept Cookies
JavaScript Enabled Browser
Pop-Up Windows Enabled
56K Modem or Better
SSL Enabled
Macromedia Flash Player 9.0 or Greater
ActiveReports ActiveX Viewer Control
Network Ports 7025 & 7026 Open

The Thawte Secure Site Seal assures you that eSP Business Suite has been authenticated by Thawte and that all transactions between you and eSP are secured by SSL encryption.

1. Microsoft Windows XP

The eSP Business Suite requires that you are running on Windows XP. If you are not running one of these operating systems, you will not be able to use all of the features of eSP.

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2. Ability to Accept Cookies

eSP Business Suite uses cookies, small pieces of information transferred to and from your computer's hard drive, to assist in user authentication and in saving configuration information. If you have your browser set to refuse cookies, you will not be able to log into the application. To enable cookies from the eSP Business Suite, you can do one of two things:
  1. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Then from the Privacy tab, under the Settings box, move the slider to 'Medium'.

  2. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Then from the Privacy tab, under the Settings box, make sure it is not set to 'Block All Cookies'. Having it set to 'High' is fine, you will then be able to enable certain cookies. Next, below, under Web Sites, click 'Edit', a Manage Web Sites box will appear. Enter '' in the Address of Web Site box and click the Allow button. Click OK, and then click Apply. Repeat these steps with the address: ''.
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3. Internet Explorer 6.0 or Greater

The eSP Business Suite has been designed specifically to run with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0 or greater. Other browsers and/or versions are not supported.

If you are not running IE 6.0 or greater, it is recommended that you download and install the latest version from Microsoft before continuing.

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4. JavaScript Enabled Browser

By default, Internet Explorer is set to run JavaScript, a neccessary tool for the eSP Business suite. If it has been disabled on your browser, you will need to re-enable it.

We have detected that your browser is JavaScript Disabled.
If you need to enable JavaScript, from the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Then from the Security tab, click Custom Level. Under the Settings box, click Enable under Scripting.

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5. Pop-Up Windows Enabled

The eSP Business Suite uses Pop-Up Windows, small browser windows that usually appears on top of the main window, throughout the application. Because they are often used for web advertisements, your system may be configured to block these windows. Click on the link below to test your capability to view pop-ups:

Open Pop-Up Window

Internet Explorer does not have the ability to disable pop-windows on its own. If you are unable to open the window using the link above, please check the following:
  • JavaScript is enabled. See #2 of this list.
  • That you are not running a third-party software such as Ad-Aware or Pop-Up Blocker.
  • That your anti-virus software does not prohibit pop-up windows.
  • That your firewall does not prohibit pop-up windows.
What to do if you are running a pop-up blocker...
Most pop-up blocking software or toolbars permit you to allow or prohibit pop-up windows on a per site basis. In the settings for your pop-up blocker, you will want to add ' to the list of websites that you permit to run pop-ups.

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6. 56K Modem or Better

Click Here to test your connection speed.

We recommend an internet connection of 56K or better for laptops and 100K or better for desktops for using the eSP Business Suite. A slower connection may limit performance and some features.
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7. SSL enabled

The eSP Business Suite runs under a SSL. Secured Sockets Layer is a protocol that transmits your communications over the Internet in an encrypted form, safeguarding your information.

By default, Internet Explorer enables SSL transmissions. If yours has been disabled, you will receive a "The page cannot be displayed" error message. To enable SSL, from the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Then from the Advanced tab, under the Settings box, scroll to the bottom where it says 'Security'. Make sure that 'Use SSL 3.0' is checked.
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8. Macromedia Flash Player 9.0 or Greater

Several components of the eSP Business Suite use the Macromedia browser plugin for Flash media. There are capabilities only available after the 9.0 version of this product that are being utilized by eSP.

If you are not currently running Flash Player 9.0 or greater, click here to go to Macromedia's website to download a free copy of it.

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9. Data Dynamics ActiveReports ActiveX Viewer Control

eSP Business Suite uses a third-party software component to generate data reports. In order to view these reports, you will need to download and install the ActiveReports ActiveX Viewer Control.

Open ActiveX Viewer Note: If you do not have the viewer already installed, clicking this link will prompt you to install it. A Security Warning box will appear asking if you would like to install the viewer, click Yes.

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10. Network Ports 7025 & 7026 Open

The eSP Business Suite sends and receives data across specific network ports, 7025 and 7026, for Signal Processing and map display. Your network needs to allow access over these ports.

Click here to test these ports.
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